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Lautreamont - Silence of the Deceased

Lautreamont - Silence of the Deceased

May 7, 2018 marks the release of a debut album from the Novorossiysk, Russia’s Avant-Garde Extreme Metal trio Lautreamont. Titled Silence of the Deceased (Молчание мёртвых), the album’s seven tracks are a journey into the dark corners of human nature, death and regression.

We explore the feelings and thoughts of a man who will sooner or later face the ultimate end. We explore decadence which in our opinion is one of the most honest kinds of creative thoughts and art. Talking about music we feel that our vision of Death/Black Metal is fitting with the decadent aesthetics, because the mix of these genres has big, yet unexplored potential; this music can be way more deep and personal than just a regular entertainment. Needless to say, we share the idea that the lyrical and musical conceptions are the common thing,” the band states.

Lyrically, Lautreamont pay homage to the poems of Russian and European poets which they praise and get inspiration from. They went on saying:

These poems were written by true masters of decadent thought of the 19th and 20th centuries: Arthur Rimbaud, Alexander Vvedenskiy, Maurice Rollinat, Georg Heym and Paul Celan.

About the reasons behind the band’s decision to sing in their mother language, Lautreamont comment: “We wanted to represent the words the exact way we read and feel them.

Lautreamont debuted in 2015 with the release of the Insomnia EP, and spent coming years redefining their sound, what results into a whirlwind of low-end dissonance and crushing heaviness that is Silence of the Deceased. Dissonant but straight forward, rapid Black Metal of Insomnia has evolved to a deep, obscure Avantgarde Death/Black Metal nightmare. Down-tuned groovy riffs and complex rhythmic structures face vortex blastbeat parts with an utter growling vocals.

Modern Extreme Metal with sinister psychedelic atmosphere combined with a decadent poetry — this is what they rightfully call “music of the blooming decadence.”

Silence of the Deceased is out on May 7th; pre-order it from Bandcamp.


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