WROHT Premiere “Butchery” Lyric Video via Decibel Magazine

WROHT Premiere "Butchery" Lyric Video via Decibel Magazine

As previously announced, Bay Area death metal five-piece WROHT will release their full-length debut Worship Rot on October 30th. The group partnered with Decibel Magazine who are premiering a lyric video for “Butchery.” Check it out here.

Commented singer Ivan Peric: “‘Butchery’ is a song we’re really excited to share. It was one that came up somewhat spontaneously.

Worship Rot has been in development since 2016, and over the course of two years the group wrote and compiled 11 songs that would eventually make up the entirety of Worship Rot. Inspired by traditional death metal acts such as Bloodbath and Cannibal Corpse, as well as an injection of progressive death metal from bands such as Death and DecapitatedWROHT sought out to make music that they themselves wanted to hear. Brutal, catchy riffs, guttural vocals, and skillful, energetic drums round out the tracks on their debut album. This is music made for the death metal fan. 

Worship Rot

Worship Rot Track Lisitng:

  1. Dark Within
  2. Butchery
  3. Slaughter of the Mind
  4. Worship Rot
  5. Ephemeral Distortion
  6. Lacerated
  7. Blood Ritual
  8. Lead You to Your Light
  9. Obliteration
  10. Hatred Wrought
  11. Trails of Blood
  12. Decrepit Ways

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WROHT line-up:

Ivan Peric – vocals

Paul Olson – bass

William Lacrosse – guitar

Joey Bartlett – guitar

Mitchell Tom – drums

About WROHT:

WROHT is a death metal band from the San Francisco Bay Area. They formed in 2015 after a chance meeting at a local Death to All tribute tour to one of the most influential death metal bands, DeathWROHT’s is groove based, thick with memorable riffs, pummelling blasts, and intense vocal performances. Lyrically, they explore concepts such as the inner shadow as described in jungian psychology, as well as themes of societal criticisms, personal struggles, and esoteric concepts.

Their first EP was released in October 2016 titled Trails of Blood. This 4-track release demonstrates the main idea of their sound, anchored by brutal groove of “Lacerated” and the blistering fast riffs of “Worship Rot.” The group’s musicality is complemented by their vocalist Ivan Peric‘s unrelenting performances.

WROHT followed this release up with a series of shows in November. Their second show ever was at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame venue, the Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles supporting metal band Sinicle and headlining Doom Metal band Old Blood.

In 2017 they played alongside Bay Area death metal bands Hemotoxin and Logistic Slaughter at Codeword in San Francisco. Later, they joined Short Fuse on stage in Castro Valley.

WROHT is releasing their first full-length album titled Worship Rot on October 30th, 2018. It will bring 11 tracks and a fully fleshed out release of the songs they have been developing for years. The first single, “Butchery,” offers a tease of what’s to come on the album — an utterly brutal punch to the gut, it is a small piece of what is to come on the rest of the record.


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