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Sacramento, California-based Progressive Metal project Lunar are launching today their full-length debut album Theogony, out via Divebomb Records.

After the release of an EP titled Provenance in December 2014, Lunar spent next two and a half years writing and recording material for Theogony, an ambitious release in every aspect, starting from the music itself to the concept which is based on the Nine Muses of Greek mythology, to the album art.

Commented drummer and composer Alex Bosson: “I really don’t set out to make music or albums with specific goals in mind.  Really all I hope for is to make the music that’s in my heart… Something I can be proud of and enjoy. For me personally that means something progressive and spanning lots of genre and influence. I think with the wide range of musical influence, the vast lyrical topics and all the incredible guest musicians, I’ve definitely accomplished what I set out to with this album and I’m very proud of it!

Theogony features guest appearances from over 20 musicians, including guitarist extraordinaire Angel Vivaldi, as well as members of Hatriot, Helion Prime, Berried Alive, and many more.

The artwork of the album was painted by Alex’ father, Ed. Alex notes: “Each song is named after one of the nine muses and the song musically and lyrically depicts my take on what that specific muse represents. The cover art is a picture of those nine muses.

Theogony is out on November 10th through Divebomb Records; order it from Bandcamp here. Follow Lunar on Facebook.

Theogony Track Listing:

1. Thalia

2. Clio

3. Calliope

4. Polyhymnia

5. Euterpe

6. Erato

7. Terpsichore

8. Urania

9. Melpomene

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