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Atlanta Experimentalists SATYR Launch Music Video for “Andromeda”

Satyr, an experimental four-piece from Atlanta, Georgia, put out their debut EP Neutrino in March this year. The quartet has launched a music video for the song “Andromeda” last week. Check it on YouTube.

‘Andromeda’ represents a good mix of accessible and more traditional post-hardcore, combined with progressive and experimental rock and metal elements, two styles that are very prevalent throughout the EP and are matched well in this song,” the band stated and continued, “The lyrics express disappointment in a failed relationship which fits into the whole lyrical theme of the EP of stress and strain that is experienced with close personal relationships.

Singer and guitarist Michael Campbell commented, “The process for ‘Neutrino’ began with just me writing songs for myself in my parents’ house and in my dorm room. As the band changed lineups and grew over time, the process was topped off with creative input by the members who performed on the EP, putting in the last bits into the songs that made them what they are now.

The band worked with producer Corey Bautista who engineered, recorded and mixed the EP, with Jesse Cannon mastering the songs. 

We are extremely happy with the result of the EP. The masters of the songs sound incredible, Corey did a fantastic job with the recording process. The record has been very well received by people all over the country. It’s been selling well digitally and physically which gives us a lot of hope for the future,” Satyr say.

By the end of the year Satyr plans to tour in their home state of Georgia while also working on the new material. 

We hope to record a full length late this year, aiming for a spring 2019 release,” they conclude in their press statement.

Watch a video for “Andromeda” on YouTube, and grab a copy of the Neutrino EP from Bandcamp. Satyr are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and they have a website.

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