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DREAMSENSE Launch Music Video for Their Cover of NIGHTWISH's "Slaying the Dreamer"

Russian Symphonic Metal five-piece Dreamsense has recently launched a music video of their cover of Nightwish’s song “Slaying the Dreamer.” The video is available on YouTube here.

The band commented, “We have chosen this particular song for the cover because it has a great impact on the band members and this song is some kind of prequel to the main theme of the upcoming release. In Dreamsense’s interpretation, the Dreamer is indifferent to the attacks and he understand that someone always wants to ‘Put a stake through his heart and drag him into sunlight.’ All the sufferings he goes through are only flashes on the way to his Dream. With this song Dreamsense wants to say: ‘Everyone will try to tear you apart and crush your will. But don’t let anyone kill the Dreamer in you. Never stop dreaming and doing what you believe in.’

Singer George Ognev added, “Slaying the Dreamer has a huge meaning for me. It displays all my experiences and tells what was happening for some time in my life. All that was going through my soul. The following lines describe all my feelings perfectly: ‘Put a stake through my heart! And drag me into sunlight / So awake for your greed / As you’re slaying the dreamer.’

“Slaying the Dreamer,” which features guest vocalist Svetlana Berseneva, is available as a single as a standard version with vocals, and an instrumental from iTunes and Google Music. The artwork is work of designer Eugene Welch. Fun fact: the opera vocals at the end of the song are also performed by George Ognev, what speaks a lot about how varied his vocal range and skills are.

Dreamsense was formed in 2012 and is comprised of tenor vocalist George Ognev, participant of the Voice of Ukraine show. The band is influenced by some of the genre’s greatest representatives, including Dimmu Borgir, After Forever, Within Temptation, and of course Nightwish, along with composers such Hendel and Bach. Over the years, Dreamsense performed with Eluveitie, Charisma, Andem, Witchcraft and Fiend. Last year they put out a single titled “Uncolored,” and are currently working on their full-length debut.

For more information about Dreamsense visit their official website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. 

Dreamsense line-up:

George Ognev – vocals and opera vocals

Ilya Dykin – guitar

Sasha V. – guitar

Tony Shabbat – bass

Alex Ziegler – drums

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