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If you are interested in finding out more about our PR campaigns you can always get in touch and discuss your release plan. But we have also put up a case study on the PR campaign for a Swiss post-rock four-piece Glaston and their recent album Inhale / Exhale.

Glaston is a post rock band from Switzerland. Piano, guitar, bass and drums carry their music on a self-forgotten journey, sailing diverse oceans of sounds. Captivating moments accompanied by touching melodies meet polyrhythmic and sometimes complex structures. Sounds of glass reflected by howling winds and stormy waters that blur the perception of remembrance and imagination.

In their review of the album, GRIMM Gent wrote: “Glaston gives a new meaning to the post-rock genre by doing things differently.” Guitar Sphere commented: “It’s easy to notice that Glaston has potential to pull their craftsmanship into different and unexpected directions.” Metal Horizons states, “Inhale / Exhale is a revolving cinematic projection of ten different vignettes, each of which shrouded in deep occult fog and gauzy imagery.” In a short review Battle Helm writer Anders Ekdahl writes: “The fact that they use a piano in their rock music is an added bonus as it gives it an even more dreamy atmosphere. I really like this.”

German webzine BetreutesProggen rated Inhale / Exhale with 13 out 15 points, while gave it a solid 8. Geoff Feakers from DPRP rated the album with 8 and stated that Inhale / Exhale “certainly bodes well for Glaston’s future.”

IDIOTEQ writes, “Inhale / Exhale is a forward-thinking effort by a band that may as well just be a precedent for the post-rock genre.”

LadyObscure closed their review of the album with:

“Glaston was quite a heartfelt journey across the section of the prog garden where ambient meets jazz meets experimental; so much to decipher while relaxing and letting it wash over you. The sheer expanse of the prog garden is part of the lure and this section has its own siren song. Lyrics are not always necessary when expressing thought and emotion; bands like Glaston explain why in detail.”

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