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Indian progressive metalcore group Gaia, formed by multi-instrumentalist Abhiruk Patowary, is launching its debut album Aerial today. Along with the album release the band is also premiering a music video for the song “Prism” exclusively via New Noise Magazine.

Commented Patowary, “‘Prism’ is my favorite song on the album. The inspiration came out of nowhere, I started recording the first riff and everything just fell right into the place. The concept behind ‘Prism’ is that life is really what you make it. Nothing that occurs to us is permanent, and we can work to change our current situations. By realizing this, we can allow ourselves to live more on our own terms.

Aerial, which sees Patowary collaborating with six vocalists, and also includes guest contributions by I Built The Sky guitarist Ro Han on two tracks and Intervals drummer Nathan Bulla on six of the album’s ten songs, is just the beginning of musician’s journey, who stated:

The launching of the album feels like a dream and I want to keep on working with this project to make more stuff happen. Now that were done with our album, we are planning to take this project live and go on tour soon.

Aerial is available now on Bandcamp. Watch a music video for “Prism” on YouTube.

Aerial Track Listing:

  1. Aerial
  2. Prism
  3. New Reality
  4. Jehovah
  5. Atlantis
  6. Daisy World
  7. Reclamation
  8. Cipher
  9. Elements
  10. Nebulous

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