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Salvation's End

Coming out this Saturday, September 22nd is a debut full-length album by Michigan progressive metal group Salvation’s End. Titled The Divine Wrath of Existence, the 12-track album is available for streaming in full ahead of its launch via

Commented guitarist TJ Richardson, “The inspiration for ‘The Divine Wrath of Existence’ came from our love for bands within the progressive metal realm, and our desire to tell a good story. The creative process was pretty simple. I had a small collection of songs that had been written for the album and one bonus track. I sent the songs with rough drum ideas to Jeremy, who then programmed the drums, and once we finished drum tracking, Kane and I started to track guitars and bass in my home studio. After that, we brought in vocalist Rob Lundgren (who we discovered on YouTube) to sing on the album, which was awesome. He’s one of my favorite modern metal vocalists, and getting the chance to work with him was an honor.

The Divine Wrath of Existence is technically a concept album which tells the story of a being called the Traveler. He’s lived for centuries and has seen the rise and fall of humanity multiple times, only to repeat the cycle again. The album covers topics that we as people tend to go through in one form or another. “The End of Innocence” was written about suicide, while “Crimson Sunrise” is about fighting for what you believe in.

Salvation’s End already have a few things in the works, including a cover song the band did with singer Rob Lundgren which will be launched soon. The group already has plans for the next two releases.

“We’ll be playing live as much as we can to support the record, and we hope to be able to tour and play some festival gigs soon,” Richardson concludes.

The Divine Wrath of Existence is out on September 22nd and can be ordered from Amazon.

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The Divine Wrath of Existence Track Listing:

  1. Death of Reason
  2. Languorem
  3. The End of Innocence
  4. Crimson Sunrise
  5. Separation of Mortality
  6. Awakening
  7. The Demon Within
  8. The Crossroads of Chaos
  9. Translucent Memory
  10. Climb the Cross
  11. The Storm of 1888
  12. The Divine Wrath of Existence

About Salvation’s End:

A project that’s six years in the making, Salvation’s End is a dark spin on progressive power metal. Founded by ex-Halloween guitarist TJ Richardson, songwriting for what would become the band’s debut album “The Divine Wrath of Existence” began in 2012. Most of the guitars were written by the time Kane Bochatyn joined in 2016 on bass and the rhythm section was fleshed out.

For the next two years, revisions and recording were completed and illustrious vocalist Rob Lundgren was brought in to complete the vocal tracks that appear on the debut. In 2018, Shane Baker was enlisted as the band’s drummer and the roster was complete.

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