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Omega Point - Isolation

In a span of just eight months, 23 year old guitarist, studio engineer and composer from Munich, Michael “Ristridi” Wöß, has launched two studio albums with his progressive black metal project Omega Point. The second, Isolation, out today is a follow-up to The Descent which was released back in January. 

Unlike The Descent which showcased more raw vibe and darker sound, Isolation heads into more progressive direction, although the new album was written during the recording phase of The Descent.

Wöß reflects, “I was and still am recovering from a personal crisis which resulted in wishes not to be there any longer and suicidal thoughts. Because more and more people seem to have similar problems and because there have been many cases like this in my personal environment – even leading to self-inflicted death – I had to express my feelings about this topic somehow. The first album ‘The Descent’ was more about my own perception of death and thinking about suicide, while the new album ‘Isolation’ takes another person’s view on this topic.

The protagonist goes through emotional pain and suffering caused by the death of a dear friend, getting more and more depressed and eventually isolating himself from the world completely.

Michael adds, “For me, writing music is a vent for strong negative emotions – like sadness, anger and hate, which is why my creative process may seem rather random or chaotic to some people.

Isolation has a strong message to deliver; the musician’s mission is to engage more people to look at mental health issues from a different perspective. 

While it is more and more common to have depressive phases or even depression as a condition, it still seems to be a topic that is widely overlooked by many people. Before I was affected, I would never have thought that I could fall so deep. It can hit you at any point in your life at any time, and our responsibility as humans is to look after people going through such strong emotions,Wöß admits.

Isolation is out today and is available from Bandcamp. For more information about the project visit

Isolation Track Listing:

1. The Last Light

2. Cold Embrace

3. My Empty Grave

4. Eye Of The Storm

5. Path To Eternity

6. All The Same

7. Isolation

Omega Point – Isolation line-up:

Michael “Ristridi” Wöß – guitars, bass, music

Jonathan Rittirsch – vocals

Maximilian Birkl – lyrics

Chris Dovas – drums

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