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Moscow Alternative Rockers, REMARK, Release Studio Performance of TEARS FOR FEARS' "Shout"

Moscow-based alternative rock five-piece Remark are launching an in-studio performance of “Shout,” their cover of Tears for Fears classic. The cover is found on the band’s recently released EP Keep Running. Watch the video on YouTube.

The band commented, “We really enjoyed ‘Shout’; we have never thought about making covers on purpose, it wasn’t even a plan. One day during a rehearsal we decided to cover it and it went quite well. We didn’t really think of the arrangement, it just came out naturally to us. The only thing we wanted is to make a song in our own style, close to the songs we’d already written. And moreover we had the idea that it should only have a guitar sound, without samples or keys.

We see beauty and harmony in Tears for Fears’ songs; the band’s created lots of catchy melodies. We believe that they are undeservedly underestimated while they have a number of really cool songs. The funny thing is that many of them we have heard never knowing who performed them. It was quite a discovery to know that it was all Tears for Fears.

Remark have a lot of plans for the coming period. 

We are so unpredictable! As for our work we have recorded and filmed a lot —but it’s all coming in due time. We have plenty of plans, and we are now preparing some new stuff for recording — so next year you may expect a new album by Remark. Anyways, if you don’t want to miss anything, subscribe to our social networks.

Keep Running is available from Bandcamp. For more information about the band visit their official website, Facebook and Instagram.

REMARK - Keep Running

Keep Running Track Listing:

1. Comeback

2. Purple Haze

3. Shout (Tears for Fears cover)

4. Too Close (Alex Clare cover)

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