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Orator - Elder (Waltz To Decay)

Seattle-based technical death metal unit Orator has launched a lyric video for the song “Elder (Waltz To Decay)” via Indy Metal Vault. The song is taken from the band’s recently released album Kallipolis, inspired by Plato’s work “The Republic.”

The band commented: “What concern is needed for the state of the world left behind, from those whose time is already through.

In “Republic,” Plato, from the perspective of his teacher and friend Socrates, describes his ideal society Kallipolis; Kalli meaning “ideal/perfect” and Polis meaning “city/state.”

As the Kallipolis would be the only realm where those who truly loved truth, wisdom, and knowledge above all else would be recognized and revered, these potential rulers would rule only out of recognized necessity, knowing that if they were to leave leadership of their city-state to any common individual they would be dooming everyone to a leader susceptible to the animalistic impulses of humanity.

Orator creates death metal for fans of old and modern school alike. Influenced by the likes such Behemoth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Nile and Suffocation, on Kallipolis the group delivers Emperor-inspired chord progressions with a mix of frenzied riffing.

Kallipolis is available from Bandcamp as digital download and a limited edition digipak.

Orator - Kallipolis

Kallipolis Track Listing:

  1. Kallipolis
  2. Emperor (Disposable Youth)
  3. Elder (Waltz to Decay)
  4. Mentor (An Assertation of Dominion)
  5. Follower (Those Born For Far Greater Things)
  6. Perceiver (The Jaws of Recompense)

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