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Getting on Spotify Playlists [Simplified]

With the rise of digital music streaming services over the last decade it has become much easier for music publishers to place the music of their artists right in front of fans, although it also meant that the physical sales deteriorated year after year.

After social media, playlisting on streaming services — especially Spotify — has become one of the most-requested features by labels and artists in the digital era.

Spotify has recently introduced a new option for everyone who is in music, from labels to independent artists, to submit a track to curators for a possible Spotify-curated playlist inclusion. The way it works is that, if you are an artists with “Spotify for Artists” account, you can submit a previously un-released song and if they like it — you’re in!

It is of paramount importance to provide as much as possible information about the song, before you submit it. You have to choose your genre and subgenre wisely, write about the song’s mood, include the list of instruments used on that particular track, the cultural heritage the song derives its sound from, etc. It is also important to have your artist profile in check, with a well written biography that tells a compelling story about your band, band photo, tour dates, previous releases (if there are any). If you have an album or a new single coming out in the future, consider submitting a song at least a week before its official release date.

Case-in-point: follow Spotify’s submission guidelines and make sure to start the whole process early enough, and why not — you might see your song delivered to thousands of new fans!

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