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Back in August, Copenhagen duo Project Sapiens, featuring multi-instrumentalist and composer Poul Jakobsen and singer Mads Rahbæk — released their five-track debut EP Here We Are. Premiering today via Everything is Noise is an astonishing animated video for the EP’s title track. The video was created by Michal “Shigaru” Pietruszka.

Here We Are EP, mixed and mastered by Dominik Halka, is a compilation of stories inspired by the past, present, and the future, which ultimately focus on how does an individual deal with all these global or personal dramas.

Commented Poul Jakobsen, “You’ve got the title track, which is rooted in anxiety caused by the global change. It’s followed by an aggressive ‘Uprising,’ which is a reflection on the tragic events of the Warsaw uprising of 1944 and its’ impact on the Polish nation (since I come from Poland, it felt like a good idea to include this song on the album). ‘My Prison Cell’ is a story of an internal struggle focusing on how an individual fails to deal with self-inflicted pain and self-acceptance. ‘Anger,’ on the other hand, takes a little turn and looks into the outside world through the glasses of a person, who cannot deal with acts of violence. I wrote this song shortly after the wave of terrorist attacks in Europe, which shattered my sense of security and left me slightly paranoid trying to comprehend acts of terror and aggression… The closing track ‘Keepers of the Realm’ takes the listener from our earthly problems into space. It reflects on the nature and the future of mankind, possibilities for space colonization, and eternal life. If it reads confusing, go ahead and give the EP a listen.

Project Sapiens - Here We Are

Project Sapiens already have plans for the next three concept albums about a demon who is tired of his lonely life in hell and decides to come to earth and force humans into loving him, which is supposed to fill the void in his heart.

Poul continues, “He’s got an evil companion and a pretty messed up plan how to conquer the earth, so… yeah… stay tuned! I hope that we will be ready with the first out of three albums in the first quarter of 2019. The release date is dependent on the funding as the entire album will be released in a form of a animated episode. Three albums, three animated episodes, hopefully one each year. All depends on the time and support we get, but these upcoming three albums are so much fun that it would be a dream come true to get them released. And yes, it’s going to be heavy, epic and progressive, but not necessarily in a conventional way.

Here We Are EP is available now as digital download and limited edition digipak CD from Project Sapiens’ Bandcamp. Watch a video for the title song HERE.

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