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UMÆ Release "Echo" Single feat. Eric Gillette, John Wesley & Conner Green

After successful launch of their debut single “Turn Back Time” via PROG Magazine, international progressive rock outfit UMÆ are back with a new track taken from their upcoming full-length Lost in the View which comes out on December 18th. New single titled “Echo” — available now via Spotify and Google Play Music — once again features guest contributions from John Wesley (solo, Porcupine Tree) on vocals and Conner Green (Haken) on bass, in addition to guitarist Eric Gillette (The New Morse Band, Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress) who is playing an enticing solo. Stream the song on YouTube here.

Commented UMÆ guitarist Antony Cliplef: “This is our straight ahead rocker for the album, full of energy and attitude in all the riffs. I remember the main riffs for ‘Echo’ coming together at Faders Music, the store I work and teach at in my home town. I was tuning up, and playing guitars, and I just sort of came up with the first couple riffs of ‘Echo’ at that time. When Guðjón and I were discussing making music, prior to my first trip to Iceland, I would occasionally send video and audio clips, as well as MIDI files of music I was working on. So, I filmed this riff and sent it off to Guðjón. Later on, during the demoing phase, I brought it back up, but this time with a bit more of a structure to it.

UMÆ - Echo

He continued: “This song was one that we had almost zero idea what direction to go in with the drums. It remained as the drum-less demo on our album until we got together with Samy and he went to work on carefully crafting the drums to reflect the energy buried within the riffs. His drums made for this awesome groove that Conner was able to lock onto and really highlight in his performance. After I was back from my second trip to Iceland, I managed to catch Eric Gillette performing in Florida. I had known him for his playing in The Neal Morse Band, as well as his involvement in Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress. I had been thinking of having a guest soloist on this track, and he had impressed me so much over the last few years that I decided to contact him. Before long, he got back to us with a real badass solo. This is also the second song featuring John Wesley on lead vocals. He did an incredible job of capturing the power, energy, and attitude of the track with his great vocal dynamics and character.

Lost in the View is out on December 18th. Save new single “Echo” to your library on Spotify and Google Play Music.

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