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VANE Launch "Rise to Power" Video

Following the launch of two singles and music videos for “Rise to Power” and “Death’s Season,” Polish melodic death metal five-piece VANE are dropping their debut album Black Vengeance today, November 30th. Along with the album release, the group from Krakow is also launching a new music video for the song “Mutiny” via Decibel Magazine.

About unleashing Black Vengeance, guitarist Mateusz Gajdzik said: “I remember our first conversations with Robert Zembrzycki when we were forming the band. We wanted to make a band that plays simple music so we don’t have to work too hard. [laughs] And at some point, and I believe it was quite early in the process of composing the album, the idea somehow changed and we’ve created much more ambitious, complex and interesting album. We worked on each and every detail of the arrangements, lyrics, graphics. I wanted everything to come together as one. I’m stoked as hell that we can finally present the results to the wider audience, both live and via earphones!

Guitarist Robert Zembrzycki added: “Looking back on the road that brought us to the release of the album, I never thought it would all come together so nicely, and fit together so well. From the lyrics, through the artwork, to music, I am immensly proud of what we’ve created, and I can’t wait for the world to hear, and hopefully enjoy this album.

About the third single off of Black Vengeance, “Mutiny,” Zembrzycki commented: “‘Mutiny’ was built around a riff I accidentally stumbled upon when noodling on a guitar one day. I recorded it and quickly sent it to Mateusz. Few minutes later he replied: ‘I’m taking it,’  and so he did, and he came back with the first draft. The interesting thing is that we initially planned it to be the title track of the album, and there are alternate lyrics to this song, but we changed the concept and now it is what it is — a killer track with a catchy chorus anyone can sing along to! 

Black Vengeance is available to order / stream through different platforms. A physical edition of the album is available from the band’s webstore.

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VANE - Black Vengeance

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