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KALIKA Debut “Poison Mouth” Single from Upcoming EP “Data Religion”

International experimental prog rock quartet KALIKA return this Spring with the release of their sophomore EP entitled “Data Religion.” Comprised of six songs “Data Religion” comes a year after the group’s debut EP effort “Enter Kalki.”

About the creative process behind “Data Religion” singer Prannay Sastry commented: “It was a busy and tumultuous time in the lives of all of the members of Kalika. We were grappling with several of our own issues, but we would meet religiously to rehearse old songs or jam to new ideas. It was the only constant in our lives during a time of chaos and change. Having shifted out of our cold rehearsal room (no heating), we migrated our activities to our drummer Jonny’s place. Our set up here was far more digital – electric guitars, electric drum kit, headphones – you get the idea. This heavily influenced the colour and sound of the EP we were writing. Typically we’d chat a bit during these jams, often about psychology, human nature, technology and politics. With some meditation on these conversations, the concept for data religion was born.”

On “Data Religion,” Kalika explore the overall climate/atmosphere of the time and delve deep into psychological effects “technological advancements” have on the average person.

In Sastry’s own words: “The first song begins with the chant ‘the one who knows you, owns you’. These lyrics set the tone for an EP that explores the ever growing societal trend towards domination, aggression and greed in a time where a rich data hoarding elite call the shots.”

“Data Religion” will be launched this Spring. For more information visit, and follow the band on Facebook and Instagram.

Kalika - Data Religion

Data Religion Track Listing:

01. A New Religion
02. Poison Mouth
03. Rajas
04. AUG
05. Omniscient
06. Polarity

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