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Indian Thrash Metallers CARNAGE INC. to Launch "Tenebris" in September

Indian thrash metal act CARNAGE INC. return with a new album Tenebris this September 10th. The quartet from Mumbai worked with producer Keshav Dhar, guitarist for Skyharbor, on the eight-track release.

Commented singer and rhythm guitarist Varun Panchal, “‘Tenebris’ is our creative take on the ‘second Dark Age.’ The decline of the Roman Empire was the first—and Tenebris is a Latin word, used by the Romans. The world as we know is already in bad shape and there’s very little we are doing about it. Be it politically, environmentally or even on a personal level. People want to follow trends and be the sheeple more than ever. Although the songs deal with darkness, the underlining tone of the album is that of ‘Lux en Tenebris,’ or light in darkness—a positive cry for going against and getting empowered. 

He continued to say: “The creative process for ‘Tenebris’ was fairly simple. It’s just what each one of us felt at a certain point through the writing process and we’ve put it out in the form of heavy music. It’s definitely going to be an honest record for us. We’ve done what we felt like. No holding back. Gritty, yet a little crazy, fast as speed/thrash metal should be, but with just enough groove.

Along with the album release, CARNAGE INC. plan to embark on a tour across India.

Panchal said: “We are planning to go around the country – a few cities at least. Let’s see how things pan out on that end. And there’s a few visual efforts on our end to better illustrate this album through our eyes.

The artwork, as well as singles from Tenebris, will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Tenebris Track Listing:


Eradicate The Empire


Saffron Is The New Black

High On Panic


Murder Maze

Tread The Fire

CARNAGE INC. line-up:

Varun Panchal – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

Navin Mudaliyar – Lead Guitar

Nikhil Muralidas – Bass/Backing vocals

Moinuddin Farooqui – Drums





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