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Online Music PR: Should You Invest?

Years ago, before I had any ideas about online music PR, I used to play in a local metal band. Playing covers of classic tunes from Pantera, Metallica, Septultura, and even some Meshuggah certainly got us some recognition. You know the drill.

In the meantime we wrote a few songs for a promo release, went on handing it to a number of labels and got a few responses. But for us, it has never been about signing to a label. We mostly wanted to play live and earn some money doing so. Too ambitious, heh?

So we reached out to as many gig organizers and clubs as possible. The feedback we received was generally disappointing:

“We would love to have you at our club. We can offer you food and drinks. Plus you get exposure. Like lots of it.”

That didn’t work out and we decided to call it a day.

Developing Bands Should Not Make Money?

What leads me to the case-in-point here… It’s sort of a general opinion when you are an up-and-coming band that you should’t think about money. Especially when it comes to gigs, you will mostly get an “offer” to play for exposure and recognition. Many bands find it very demoralizing and cease to exist before they even do something proper.

But let me tell you something. Times when you played shows for exposure are no more. Bands today have means to record high quality material and put it out there without too much effort. Of course, the more effort you invest into something the more rewarding the whole experience is.

There are so many benefits and drawbacks when you are an independent band that is serious about your craft. Especially when it comes to investing. Bands are like businesses—you need to invest smart in order to be able to progress and profit by doing what you love.

Of course, it’s of the paramount importance to invest in honing your skills as songwriters and players. Without quality content and execution there is no success. Just when you have needed knowledge and skills it makes sense to invest in all other aspects of being involved in the creation of music. These include gear, studio time (recording, mixing, and mastering), professional photos, print and online music PR, marketing, merchandise, consultancy, etc.

Why Print and Online PR Matter?

Online Music PR is a Must!

From the PR and marketing perspective, many artists overlook promotion, often putting it aside as non-important piece of the puzzle. But one thing is for sure. If you are serious about your work as a band, and you want to achieve something more, you should pay a lot more attention to publicity and marketing. The easiest way is to plan every step in early stages of songwriting. Knowing what are your goals and planning a budget will make your life easier.

If you are not ready to invest, if you are not serious about what you want to achieve with your band and it all is just a passing phase, don’t expect people to buy your EP or a shirt, watch your video, write about you. But if it’s other way around, and you want that next big opportunity, you want to expand and reach new heights—make no mistake: work hard, invest, and reap the fruits of your labor.

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