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When to Start Promoting Your Next Release?

Although the real work for promoting your album starts the moment when there is a finished (read: mixed and mastered) project, we recommend to start pushing it in its early, songwriting phase.

As a matter of fact, letting your fans know that you are working on something new with continuous updates sort of prepares the ground for when you to come up with official news and PR cycle.  

Don’t Sleep on Promotion

Here are six tips on how you can start marketing and promoting your album way before it’s completed:

  1. Show video bits and updates from your songwriting sessions.

    Use your social media profiles (Instagram and Facebook primarily) to keep your fans on toes. Find interesting and unique ways to engage with your fans in Instagram stories or Facebook videos.Songwriting

  2. Build or revamp your website.

    If you do not have a website or you haven’t updated it in months, it’s time to fix this. Having a website definitely shows that you are serious about your work. Make sure to share newsworthy content in the news section, include your band bio, promotional and live photos, videos, links and contact information.

  3. Start building your mailing list.

    You should definitely use a power of e-mail. E-mail marketing is the way to go about promoting your album, a video, concerts, merch,… Install a simple newsletter form on your website (you can use Mailchimp), and invite audience to join. There are so many ways to use e-mail to your advantage.Promoting Your Band: E-mail Marketing

  4. Post regularly on your socials.

    Growing your social media following is tough, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Having a steady communication with your existing fanbase that engages with your posts is crucial for further progress. Updating your social media profiles regularly is another significant indicator that you care about what you do, and more importantly it creates a strong relationship with fans.

  5. Consider livestreaming your studio sessions.

    Doing livestreams is another great tool for marketing your upcoming release. Share your songwriting or rehearsal sessions, answer questions from your fans on the go, give them a sneak peak to what are you up to and what to expect.

  6. Create a Spotify playlist.

    Make a Spotify playlist including songs and bands that inspire your work on the release you are working on. This sort of points out what kind of sound fans can expect from your songs, and will ultimately lead to some new fans.

Promoting Your Album is a Continuous Process

If you are already spending your time and money in crafting the best possible release don’t put PR under the rug. Music promotion and marketing should be considered as part of your creative process. After all, these two serve as your ticket to new opportunities. It’s up to you to decide whether you want them or not.

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