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Swedish death metal quartet Fuel For Nightmares have returned with the release of the LEGO-inspired video single “Human Self Combustion.” Watch it below.

Guitarist Johnny Nymark commented: “The story behind the title of the new single is that when we rehearsed the song, we always played it a bit faster so our drummer said that it felt like he was on fire. So we started joking about it and we ended up naming the song ‘Human Self Combustion.’ We wanted do something different and something fun and LEGO is fun! Doesn’t matter how old you get, you still enjoy LEGO when you are older and playing with your grand children.

Fuel For Nightmares are currently putting the final touches on their new album which is titled Implexion.

About their plans, Nymark said: “Next up for us is another video that we will film in March and we also have some recordings to do, and hopefully we will have our album ‘Implexion‘ ready right before the Summer.

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