Moshpit PR is a worldwide public relations and publicity agency founded in 2016 working with Rock & Metal bands.

With a network of agents based in the major cities all around the world, our vision is to take the careers of many both established and up-and-coming groups to the next level.


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April 2020
Johnny Nymark, Fuel For Nightmares ( “We are truly happy that we used Moshpit Promotions for our recent single release campaign. The whole campaign just went along so smooth and easy and with great results almost immediately. Like the great Arnold once said: ‘I’ll (We’ll) be back!'” )

Nero & Maestus, SINNRS ( “Great communication from Moshpit and Ryan from day 1. We got featured in several magazines, radio stations etc. Daryl did a great job extending our bio, and a very big plus, was that Ryan was absolutely fantastic in keeping us well updated throughout the campaign. We definitely plan to work with Moshpit again.” )

Adam Filoda, Divine Planet ( “This was our first exprience with any sort of music PR and we were extremely happy with the outcome of the campaign. It was exactly what we were looking for. We have achieved much more than we expected and would ever be able to do on our own. Ryan was very helpful from the beginning, explaining things in details and providing frequent updates on everything that was happening. It was a pleasure to work with Moshpit Promotions and we would love to use their services again for upcoming releases.” )

Elliot Koroneos, Elision ( “Moshpit Promotions have showed us a tremendous amount of faith and support in our music. Ryan is a pleasure to work with and the guidance we have been given with regards to sharing our music with greater audiences has been extremely helpful.” )

Kenneth Mellum, SUBNOIR ( “Working with Ryan and his team at Moshpit Promotions has been over all expectations. They provide a very professional service with very satisfying results. We would never have this kind of reach on our own. Highly recommended!” )

Niklas Lykke, Wayward Dawn ( “Moshpit Promotions has helped us reach beyond the national borders in terms of press. They were helpful and updated us throughout the process.” )

Vats Iyengar, Rainburn ( “In this era, no matter how great your music, it’s vital to pair up with the right kind of PR firm to rise above the clutter and get noticed. When we were looking to promote our new album ‘Insignify’, we looked at a lot of agencies; we finally went with Moshpit Promotions and I am extremely happy with the choice. Ryan is awesome to work with and really goes above and beyond to accommodate your needs, responding at all times of day and night and weekends (bands – please don’t take advantage of this!). He also makes sure his approach to your music is tailor-made rather than use a one-size-fits-all strategy. We got a ton of great reviews, features and accolades for our album, all thanks to Moshpit Promotions!” )

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