Band Consulting has become crucial for development and progress of musicians and bands. Having a mentor and advisor that can provide a pair of new eyes on everyday struggles bands face can certainly help in overcoming these hurdles.

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Book us for a 60-minute Band Consulting Skype call (€100) and feel free to ask any questions concerning promotion and marketing of your band.
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Band Consulting

Have an upcoming release or a tour, and you do not know how to approach promotion?

Do you want to know how to approach media outlets leading to a secured feature?

What makes an EPK? How to advertise on social media?

Pick a topic and time, and let us help you. Alternatively you can get in touch with us via Facebook, and we can discuss about your goals.

January 2022

To book a band consulting call with us, simply pick a date in the calendar above and choose the time slot that works best for you. You will be asked to fill in personal details and then redirected to the shopping cart.

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