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Rock & Metal Music PR agency, Moshpit Promotions, has the ultimate goal to help bands and labels worldwide with planning and executing successful publicity and marketing campaigns.

Metal music has changed drastically over the last two decades, and at its present shape and form metal genres are arguably the most expandable music styles. Having said that, the amount of new groups emerging nowadays is extremely high and it’s getting harder for up-and-coming bands to land press coverage, label deals, tours, endorsements, etc.

Here at Moshpit Promotions we are led by our mission to execute the efficient metal music PR campaigns for our artists by maintaining healthy relationship with the genre’s top media outlets, radio stations, playlisters, labels and booking agencies.

Latest Metal Music PR artists

Some of our latest metal artists and campaigns include:

  • Monolith
  • Lunar
  • Hybridism
  • The Spectre Beneath
  • Wayward Dawn
  • Vane
  • Fuel for Nightmares
  • Godless

Here is what some of our previous clients had to say about our work:

“Working with Ryan and his team at Moshpit Promotions has been over all expectations. They provide a very professional service with very satisfying results. We would never have this kind of reach on our own. Highly recommended!” – Kenneth Mellum, SUBNOIR

“The agency has showed us a tremendous amount of faith and support in our music. Ryan is a pleasure to work with and the guidance we have been given with regards to sharing our music with greater audiences has been extremely helpful.” – Elliot Koroneos, Elision

“Moshpit Promotions are a beast, Ryan and the team helped my album ‘Inexistence’ reach new ears and eyes.  I’m forever grateful, the promotion campaign has surpassed my expectations. I look forward to the next album cycle alongside their PR department.” – Geovanni Munoz, The Seathmaw Project

“Moshpit Promotions delivered an outstanding and professional service from the beginning to the end of our campaign. They knew exactly where we wanted our music to be heard. I consider Moshpit Promotions to be part of the band.” – Andrew Balboa, Heyoka’s Mirror

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If interested in setting up a PR campaign for your band, you can contact us here.


Moshpit Promotions was founded by Ryan Stevens, Darryl Weppler and Niko Savic in 2016 after the trio met at the 2015 edition of Wacken Open Air festival in Germany, where the idea of starting Moshpit PR was born. Currently the agency is a squad of ten agents.

Prior starting Moshpit Promotions, the core of the agency had been working as writers, journalists, DJs, concert promoters and musicians in numerous online and print magazines, radio stations, booking agencies, and bands.

Philosophy Behind Our Metal Music PR Campaigns

Our philosophy with Moshpit PR is to maintain focus on the bands that we promote and that entrusted us to represent them. Our rules are simple: 

  1. be honest, 
  2. be respectful 
  3. and be competent.

Each band and artist is unique in its own way, so is the promo strategy too. We have to take that individuality and present it in the best possible way. Publicity is a process that has to be approached carefully, and a successful PR campaign hugely depends on it. In our opinion, what is most important for a PR campaign is planning ahead. As a result, having a plan on what is available during a campaign and how to approach certain aspects of it drastically increase chances of having a successful PR cycle.

Moshpit Promotions is an agency that works with bands that evolve their sound around Rock, Punk, Metal, Alternative and Experimental music. We are well aware that “moshpit” doesn’t sound like something an alternative rock group can associate with, but it is also a term that is loosely associated with music. As it happens we all love being in a mosh pit, plus “moshpit” sounds awesome, no?


We are pretty selective when it comes to picking up a new band to work with. Moreover we definitely have to like it in order to promote it. Connecting with groups on an emotional level is very important to us. Especially when you create this bond it is much easier to work as you are led by enthusiasm for a band and their music.

Being able to connect with people from different countries and cultures is a wonderful experience. We are very lucky to work with groups that are pushing the genre to new heights and unexplored directions. Rock and Metal scenes have never been this varied, and it’s good to see them branching out.


Moshpit Promotions offers a wide variety of publicity and marketing services for new releases, tours, festival, and events. Beside our standard promotion packages, we can also execute tailor-made campaigns based on an artist’s goals and needs.

Our services include:

  • Online media & printed press
  • Radio, TV & playlist plugging
  • Social media campaigns
  • Branding and consulting
  • Marketing and advising
  • Article writing and submission
  • Event promotion

In order for us to serve our clients better, it is of paramount importance to engage with an artist in a PR campaign three-four months prior the official release date. That way we have enough lead time to secure press coverage.

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